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Onamia Crosiers

The Crosier Fathers and Brothers in the United States live in two vibrant communities—the conventual priory in Phoenix, and thefilial priory in Onamia, Minnesota. Crosiers are involved in a wide range of ministries serving the Church and those in need, including parish assistance, retreat work, spiritual direction, elder care, immigrant outreach, and jail ministry.

Today there are about 400 Crosiers living and ministering in the United States, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Indonesia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Brazil, and in Rome, where the Order is based. Every Crosier plays an integral part in our community.

We invite you to meet and learn more about members of the Crosier Filial Priory in Onamia: how they heard and responded to God's call, how they live their lives in service to our community and the Church, and what Crosier Religious Life means to them. Click here to read their stories!